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Meet the Founder

Dalal Harb

“A Woman In Process”, Dalal Harb is an accumulation of experiences and states that led her to be the human she is today: a yoga teacher, a journalist, and a fervent wellness advocate.

Born to the mountains of Tannourine, North of Lebanon, Dalal graduated as a communicator and worked as such for the past 12 years in Lebanon and abroad.

Her passion towards yoga led her to become a yoga teacher after receiving her training at the Bikram Yoga College of India in San Diego, USA, in 2009.

Lebanon, Dubai and Paris welcomed her classes eagerly until she realized that her body, mind and soul needed to regain zeal and knowledge. She enrolled in for the 4-month course of Yogic Studies and Ashram Life at the Bihar Yoga School in Munger, India which follows the Satyananda lineage.

Back to Lebanon, to her inner roots, Dalal becomes a member of The Syndicate of the Yoga Teachers in Lebanon ( and founds the Beirut Yoga Festival (, in 2014.

The BYF is a non-profit event which invites Lebanese yogis and yoginis to “take a breath” for a weekend, to discover yoga and meditation, to help relax the body, mind and soul, and to indulge in a healthy lifestyle and mindful living. The success of the festival’s first edition encouraged her to establish the BYF as an annual event that gathers more than 1500 people in the heart of the Lebanese urban landscape and nature.

Dalal is passionately committed to promoting wellness, harmonious and balanced living, and a back-to-the-roots philosophy in order to help others reach greater mind clarity and inspirational living.