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About Us


Take a deep breath… breathe…. Khod Nafas…

The Beirut Yoga Festival – BYF welcomes you into a journey of wellbeing and health.

Each year, BYF offers you a timeless experience to explore your body with nature, fill your mind with invigorating and relaxing yoga classes, and breathe your mind.  We are inviting all Lebanon to clear their mind and connect to each other and to their selves.

Whether you’re a beginner or a practiced yogi, take a break from the chaotic routines of our Lebanese days. Unwind and release your body during a weekend of serenity, tranquility and peace with one’s self. We are inviting all of Lebanon to experience their breath and feel grounded in a stress free time and space.

This journey of the body, mind and soul is accompanied by professional and international yoga and meditation practitioners and healers.

Uplift & Inspire Your Heart , Khod Nafas….

The BYF is organized by the non-profit association NAFAS (Registration nbr. 1789) that organizes yoga activities in Lebanon, from the community to the community.