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Bachir Ra

Bachir Ra


Minfulness for children


Bachir RA is a Yoga teacher holding many degrees from India and Bali: - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga ᴿᵞᵀ500 - Pranic Healing Guru Master - Ayurvedic Massage - Himalayan singing bowls (Shakras alignment- healing) - Thai massage (120 hours- 4 levels) - Laughing yoga Bachir RA also teaches mindfulness at Eastwood College to students of all grades, as part of their official curriculum. He has founded his own school (Sivara Yoga School) and gives certified 200-hours teacher training courses. His extensive background in Yoga and meditation techniques puts Bachir in a privileged position to lead people pursuing their wellbeing into a healthy, fit and serene lifestyle.

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